“Eli and the team are a great extension to our team. They have brought a whole fresh perspective to our use of data. We are constantly changing old habits and seeing the effect this has. Our database is getting cleaner, quicker, smarter and more responsive by the day. They have helped us streamline our interactions, optimising our engagement with prospective clients. They have challenged us to look our processes which has also enabled us to save money too.”

Caroline James, Berkeley Communications

“We were introduced to the crmsquad team with a challenge: to reduce our PPC spend by 90%. We might have anticipated a ~90% reduction in leads, however, to our delight, they managed to boost inbound leads by over 50%. For January alone, our ROAS was up nearly 800%, and our conversion rate grows steadily each week. We’re exceptionally happy with the performance, and we’re pleased to recommend crmsquad to our peers.”

Amy Roberts, Content Marketing Manager, Brandbassador

“Problem-solving heroes – aside from knowing HubSpot like the back of her hand, Eli is a born problem-solver and her collaborative approach makes navigating CRM challenges easy! Oh, and those other things you’ve been meaning to get to, there’s a solution for them and Eli is probably already fixing those for you too! Her positive energy and can-do attitude meant that she immediately felt like part of our team. If you need an injection of efficiency so you can finally get to your to-do list, Eli should be your next call. Thank you Eli!”

Rebecca Royle, Software company

“The team at crmsquad has made a real impact on our business, opening up new opportunities and helping us make the most of our existing client base. The work they’ve done has led to increased revenue, as well as aligning our sales, marketing and customer success functions.”

Shaun Doak, CEO, REACT Group

“Great to work with Natasha as a partner in recruitment. We’ve been investing in Sales Enablement/RevOps and worked with the team to source an excellent senior hire. I’d thoroughly recommend Natasha as it was a seamless as well as professional experience and we look forward to continuing to work with crmsquad.”

Grant Coombe, Chief Revenue Officer, FundApps

“All the HubSpot expertise you’ll need – crmsquad has helped us effectively use HubSpot. It’s a great marketing automation tool, but it’s difficult to get started without prior knowledge of the system. Their friendly approach to training has been invaluable. They come highly recommended.”

Christian Faires, Chief Operating Officer, WorkSavvy & Aardent

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