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A quick guide to RevOps

By 1 June 2023No Comments

RevOps is a cross-functional approach that helps companies improve profitability by integrating and aligning the processes, people, and technology involved in revenue generation. The primary goal of RevOps is to drive revenue growth – but how is this achieved? Who needs RevOps, and when should a RevOps function be added? This guide explores the fundamentals of RevOps; FAQs, and actionable tips to get started.

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preview of A quick guide to RevOps 2023

It’s a misconception that RevOps only works for large organisations. Smaller companies can actually get into a growth mindset by starting early with a revenue team, rather than hiring separate, siloed marketers, salespeople and CS specialists.

The truth is, RevOps works for all forward-thinking companies who have ambitious expansion plans.

It’s no wonder that Gartner calls RevOps

“the modern operating model for fast-forward organisations.”